Decide on your strategy, start with some trend forecasting!

Het cultuurpubliek verandert. Hoe blijf je aansluiting vinden bij je bestaande doelgroep en betrek je tegelijkertijd nieuwe generaties bij jouw aanbod? Tijd om de toekomst te verkennen! Met de handleiding Publiek van de toekomst zet je de eerste stap in het bepalen van jouw koers.

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The cultural audience is changing. How do you retain the interest of your existing target group while attempting to appeal to new generations at the same time? It is time we did some trend forecasting! The manual Audience of the future will help you take the first step when deciding on your strategy.  

Put yourself in the position of your future audience  

Can you see it happening too? Your familiar audience is getting older and the new digital native generations want to experience culture in a different way. As an organisation, you cannot continue to rely on the existing target groups. You will need a new audience to ensure the sector continues to thrive and remains relevant in the future. But how do you anticipate the needs of a future audience?  

This is where trend forecasting comes in. If you can put yourself in the shoes of your future target group, you will find it easier to decide on a strategy.  If all areas of the organisation are prepared for this future digital audience, your organisation will be more resilient and flexible. 

Gen Z, your new target group! 

Meet Gen Z. The new audience that displays fundamentally different behaviour compared to all other generations that came before. These young people grew up with smart devices, digital technology and endless possibilities. They are easily distracted and continuously need stimulation which means they are less interested in the current cultural offering. We suggest you start preparing for this new audience now so that you will be ready for them in another 20 years’ time, when they will be your biggest target group. Start asking yourself today how best to appeal to them with your cultural events and activities. 

Will the world be more inclusive or more fragmented in 20 years’ time?

DEN’s future scenarios  

The future is unpredictable but rooted in the world of today. DEN developed 4 future scenarios that suggest what the world may look like in the future. Will the world be more inclusive or more fragmented in 20 years’ time? And how will the audience respond to the cultural offering? The scenarios encourage you to think about extremes. You will gain a wider perspective by contemplating the opportunities and challenges that the organisation faces with each scenario. This helps you to decide on an appropriate strategy and to respond flexibly to changes. Download the manual at the top of this page and set to work.  

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