Venues of the Future

Venues of the Future is a research and development project to foster long-term audience engagement through innovation. Technology and new methodologies are transforming the creation and presentation of theatre and the process beyond the stage. The project explores how digital platforms can bridge the gap between artists and audiences and create meaningful shared experiences, empowering audiences to take a proactive and engaging role. Additionally, it seeks to construct sustainable practice models to be implemented by other venues. Results and learnings are shared with the performing arts sector.

Dit is content voor het project Venues of the Future. Samen met NITE, Substrakt, Annette Mees (Audience Labs), AEA Consulting en 2K.FAR verkennen we een virtuele toekomst van de podiumkunsten. Parallel aan de creatie van een live dans- en theatershow wordt geëxperimenteerd met online en hybride vormen van publieksinteractie en opdrachtgeverschap voor een online omgeving. Alle communicatie over dit project is in het Engels.

To create deep-rooted, cross-border relationships between artists and audiences, we will develop different ways to open up the theatre-making process and expand live performances, using digital micro-commissions and artistic experiments. See below the project Manifesto.

The possibilities of the digital realm as a stage will future-proof the sector in terms of sustainability, inclusivity and digital accessibility. Therefore, the findings will have broader implications for the entire cultural sector.

Working internationally

Venues of the Future brings together an international team of experts: NITE and DEN in the Netherlands, Substrakt, Annette Mees (Audience Labs) and AEA Consulting in the UK, and 2K.FAR in Morocco.

The project is part of the Innovatielabs programme and funded by the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.

Our research will take place alongside the live show FAITH, a collaboration between Club Guy & Roni (NITE) and 2K.FAR. We will experiment with and develop the necessary digital framework for FAITH to enhance borderless audience engagement. FAITH is a performance inspired by spirituality and the interplay between reason and intuition. The show premiers in the fall of 2024 and will tour Morocco and Europe throughout the season 2024/2025.

More about our partners and FAITH

Merging theatre and technology

The project takes methodologies from technology and the arts sector. It involves theatre makers, digital artists and technologists in new ways and at different project stages to create digital and hybrid experiences. Our innovative approach aligns artistic practices in research, pre-production, creation, rehearsal and touring, with an agile methodology common in technology development. Working agile involves breaking down tasks into sprints, followed by short periods of reflection and planning for the next sprint. Our process is adaptive and iterative. We intend to gather our learnings into step-by-step guides as an accessible practice model for venues in the Netherlands and beyond.

Dialoguing with target groups

Venues of the Future targets performance art venues, producers, artists and audiences. At every step of the research process, we will test ideas and discuss the next steps with peer venues (e.g., Het Nationale Theater, Julidans, SPOT Groningen in the Netherlands and Northern Ballet and FACT Liverpool in the UK), with the technology sector (e.g., HALIE and Peppered in the Netherlands and Disguise, Google Arts & Culture and VIVE Arts in the UK) and Dutch and Moroccan audiences.

Engaging artists

The project contains an open call for artists. Responses are welcomed from all creative disciplines, from performing arts such as dance, theatre, music and spoken word, to coding and (immersive and interactive) digital arts. The digital micro-commissions and artistic experiments will be backed by expert advice from our team.

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