Manifesto on FAITH in the digital realm

The live show FAITH, a collaboration between Club Guy & Roni (NITE) and 2K.FAR, will take place alongside the Venues of the Future research and development project. FAITH is a performance inspired by spirituality and the interplay between reason and intuition. The show premiers in the fall of 2024 and will tour Morocco and Europe throughout the season 2024/2025. We will experiment with and develop the necessary digital framework for FAITH to enhance borderless audience engagement.

3 min.

Dit is content voor het project Venues of the Future. Samen met NITE, Substrakt, Annette Mees (Audience Labs), AEA Consulting en 2K.FAR verkennen we een virtuele toekomst van de podiumkunsten. Parallel aan de creatie van een live dans- en theatershow wordt geëxperimenteerd met online en hybride vormen van publieksinteractie en opdrachtgeverschap voor een online omgeving. Alle communicatie over dit project is in het Engels.

FAITH, the digital realm, is an experimental performance, that redefines, deepens, strengthens and broadens the encounter between artists and audiences in a brand-new venue of the future.

  1. FAITH is interdisciplinary and not restricted to a particular platform.
  2. The business model is based on innovation capital to create new values and maintain relevance.
  3. FAITH encourages interaction between audiences, artists and theatres, facilitating a community with a common interest in performing arts.
  4. FAITH is borderless in terms of time and place.
  5. The digital experience is a transformation of the live experience, not a substitute or replica.
  6. FAITH enables the creation of hybrid forms of onsite and offsite art.
  7. The digital framework is user-friendly and easy to access for everyone.
  8. FAITH empowers theatre makers, artists and communities.
  9. The digital framework is collaboratively curated by an artistic team and various communities.
  10. The digital framework is a beta version subject to testing and review.

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