An international team of experts: Venues of the Future

Discover all partners involved with 'Venues of the Future', a research and development project to foster long-term audience engagement through innovation. Technology and new methodologies are transforming the creation and presentation of theatre and the process beyond the stage. The project explores how digital platforms can bridge the gap between artists and audiences and create meaningful shared experiences, empowering audiences to take a proactive and engaging role. Additionally, it seeks to construct sustainable practice models to be implemented by other venues.

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Dit is content voor het project Venues of the Future. Samen met NITE, Substrakt, Annette Mees (Audience Labs), AEA Consulting en 2K.FAR verkennen we een virtuele toekomst van de podiumkunsten. Parallel aan de creatie van een live dans- en theatershow wordt geëxperimenteerd met online en hybride vormen van publieksinteractie en opdrachtgeverschap voor een online omgeving. Alle communicatie over dit project is in het Engels.


NITE (Opent een externe link) is the National Interdisciplinary Theater Ensemble, located in Groningen, The Netherlands. Together with the contemporary dance company Club Guy & Roni and the two music ensembles HIIIT and Asko|Schönberg, it forms an ensemble of actors, dancers and musicians. NITE presents interdisciplinary shows that resonate with a diverse audience and establish new connections between art forms, artists and society. Club Guy & Roni is currently producing the live show FAITH which will debut in the fall of 2024. The production and its hybrid models of commissioning and working will serve as research for Venues of the Future.


DEN is the Dutch national knowledge institute on digital transformation in culture. DEN inspires and assists cultural organisations in engaging with the digital world, by identifying trends, supporting innovation and developing knowledge on themes as audiences of the future, data-driven working, digital leadership and innovative business models. It offers practical advice, academic programmes and tools for cultural organisations to start their digital transformation process. DEN strongly believes that embracing digital technology will lead to a more resilient cultural sector. DEN will oversee the research of Venues of the Future and distribute results and learnings.


Substrakt (Opent een externe link) is a digital agency based in the United Kingdom that partners with cultural organisations around the world to deliver meaningful digital experiences. Its work is inherently collaborative and all of its projects involve multiple partners. Substrakt designs and builds websites and digital products alongside providing strategic consultancy, training and support services. Its goal is to create positive, sustainable and impactful change in the cultural sector. Substrakt brings the necessary technological expertise to the project and is currently building the beta version of the digital framework for FAITH.

Audience Labs | Annette Mees

Annette Mees (Opent een externe link) is an award-winning artistic director, creative producer and cultural strategist. She is working with the Southbank Centre and Substrakt in the United Kingdom. She has worked with partners across sectors including Google, Tate Britain, UK Parliament, WIRED Magazine, European Space Agency, British Council, Magic Leap, King’s College, ICA, The National Theatre of Wales, SJ01 San Jose Biennale and NESTA. She is known for her innovative, interdisciplinary and experiential work that allows audiences to immerse themselves in new possibilities and big ideas. For Venues of the Future, Annette is blending the technical and artistic aspects.

AEA Consulting

Supporting partner AEA (Opent een externe link) is a global firm setting the standard in strategy and planning for the cultural and creative industries. It is known for candid and impartial advice that draws on deep knowledge of the cultural sector as well as robust research and analytical insight. Since 1991, it has successfully delivered more than 1,200 assignments in 42 countries, helping clients around the world plan and realize vital and sustainable cultural projects. An AEA consultant with experience in digital, new technologies, audience-centric approaches, and agile methodologies has joined Venues of the Future to enhance the project’s innovative nature.


Club Guy and Roni produces FAITH in collaboration with 2K.FAR (Opent een externe link), Moroccan’s leading contemporary dance company, and its choreographer Khalid BenGhrib. BenGhrib was born in Casablanca and studied dance in La Rochelle. In 2003, he founded 2K.FAR together with Loren Palmer. The company considers art as an overall experience, as an indispensable element of contemporary thought. 2K.FAR creates dance based on observations of its surroundings. For Venues of the Future, the company will present new work and assist in establishing connections with the Moroccan community in the Netherlands, as well as with the artistic community in Morocco.

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