Nieuwe database voor Nederlandse culturele activiteiten in het buitenland

De database waarin Dutch Culture alle Nederlandse culturele activiteiten in het buitenland bijhoudt is vernieuwd. Vanaf nu kan iedereen zoeken in de meer dan 5500 profielen die de database omvat.

For many years already, DutchCulture has been keeping track of all international activities by Dutch cultural organisations, performers and artists abroad. All this information can now be consulted very easily in the new database. “Our goal with this database is to make it easier for people to operate internationally.”

If a foreign cultural institution wants to know which Dutch theatre company, visual artist, writer or musician they could ask for a performance, exhibition or event in their country, this usually has to rely on word-of-mouth communication. Conversely, many culture-makers obtain commissions abroad through their own networks. Without these word-of-mouth recommendations or personal networks, it can be quite challenging to work abroad as an artist or cultural organisation. Where to start, and who should you get in touch with?

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Bron: Dutch Culture

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