Top 10 Technology-Inspired Art Projects of the Year

Een mooi overzicht van tien kunstwerken uit 2019 die door technologie geïnspireerd zijn, van Van Gogh in laservideoprojectie tot kunst die door code is gegenereerd.

The word “technology” might evoke images of laser beams, modern computers, and streams of data, but innovative engineering spans decades. Artists have always used technology as new ways to express themselves. Without the invention of the paint tube, perhaps the Impressionists would never have painted en plein air. And where would Andy Warhol have been without silkscreen printing?

Over time, art and technology have become more and more intertwined, with many contemporary artists adopting new types of media to create their work. From laser-printed ceramics to code-generated paintings, digital artists are using technology to push the boundaries of traditional practices.

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