Film in the 2010s: The decade that changed cinema forever

De BBC blikt terug op het laatste decennium in de kunsten en de cultuur en beschrijft daarin enkele digitale trends die het decennium definieerden. In dit eerste deel een blik op hoe de laatste 10 jaar de filmwereld hebben veranderd.

It used to be so simple. If you wanted to see a film, you went to the cinema and watched some actors delivering their lines on a meticulously constructed set. Now, though... maybe the set doesn’t exist, except on a computer screen. Maybe the actors don’t exist, either. As for the cinema, why go there when you can catch a brand-new big-budget Hollywood movie on TV or your phone instead?

The film industry has been shaken up more in the 2010s than in almost any other decade – and the shockwaves haven’t subsided. It’s difficult to say whether cinema will even be around at the end of the 2020s, and what form it will take if it is. But there is a good chance that, by 2030, a digital avatar of Marlon Brando will have starred as Spider-Man in an interactive virtual-reality adventure beamed directly into a corner of your brain owned by Netflix. Still, let’s not worry about the next decade just yet. Let’s remember how revolutionary this decade was with our 10-point guide to film in the 2010s.

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