Imagining the Future of Digital Archives and Collections

Call for Papers voor een thema-uitgave van Stedelijk Studies. Eerste deadline is 14 juni 2019.

Theme outline

The web of digitized collections and archives in the field of arts and culture is expanding rapidly. As with any technological burst, the digital imperative evokes promises for an improved functionality, but also brings about new challenges and perils. Many museums, like other memory institutions, embrace the digitalization of their archives and collections as means to attract new audiences, for instance, and further their participation and engagement in their collections, their program of activities, and their research. At the same time, these digital transformations challenge existing modes of knowledge production and dissemination, requiring new competencies and new forms of collaboration.

This issue of Stedelijk Studies investigates how we imagine those transformations, and how they affect cultural and academic practices. We invite manuscripts that critically investigate how practices of digitization of collections and archives transform knowledge production and knowledge
exchange across academia, museums, and archives. 

Stedelijk studies

Stedelijk Studies is a high-quality, peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The journal comprises research related to the Stedelijk collection, exploring institutional history, museum studies (e.g., education and conservation practice), and current topics in the field of visual arts and design.


Deadline for the abstract (max. 300 words) and CV is June 14, 2019.
Deadline for the article (4,000–5,000 words) is October 15, 2019.
Publication of the issue will be in May 2020.

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