LIMA publiceert Digital Canon of the Netherlands (1960-2000)

LIMA heeft tijdens haar jaarlijkse symposium de Digitale Canon van Nederland gepubliceerd: twintig belangrijke en invloedrijke digitale kunstwerken die gemaakt zijn tussen 1960 en 2000.

Over het project:

The result can be seen on a website dedicated to the project: The twenty canonical works here each have their own page with images, excerpts, videos, quotes from the artists and texts. The works have been researched for this purpose. In addition, the website also contains clear insight into the development of the selection presented and some critical texts about canonizing digital art. The design emphasizes this dual nature by dividing the website into a front and back. This innovative design is made by Yehwan Song. Song is a South Korean designer, web designer and web developer. She designs and develops experimental websites and interactive graphical interfaces. Song is known for her playful design in which she reverses and challenges the general understanding of web design both conceptually and visually.

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