Engelse educatietoolkit voor kunsten en culturele organisaties

Als je wilt dat jouw culturele content actief op school gebruikt wordt, is het de kunst om je gegevens zo eenvoudig te presenteren, dat de leraren jouw content gemakkelijk kunnen vinden en gebruiken in hun lessen. Ondersteund door Arts Council England en Bridge Organisation, is een toolkit ontwikkeld om digitale culturele informatie beschikbaar te stellen voor educatie.

“So if you want to get your content onto the plasma screens and smartboards of teachers, keep it simple, create content that teachers need and make it as easy as possible to find and access.“

Over de toolkit

This toolkit will help in this task. Intended to be used by learning and education officers in arts and cultural organisations, it provides insight into the potential of digital technology to connect, communicate with and disseminate to formal education settings while also outlining some of the structural and other issues affecting technology use in school. Various examples have been used from a variety of organisations and individuals including both those working within a small locality and those with a national remit. The intention is to demonstrate good practice while always being mindful that, for most of those working in this area, resource creation will be done with limited resources. At the end of each section there are links to enable further research.

Meer lezen

Ga naar het toolkitdocument: Digital-Resources-Toolkit-Festival-Bridge-2019.pdf

Bron: nnfestival.org.uk/festival-bridge/what-we-do/research-development/digital-resources-toolkit/

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