Europeana STEM challenge: maak een educatieve video met content van Europeana

Maak jij een creatieve educatieve video over exacte wetenschappen of techniek met behulp van content van Europeana? Europeana stelt een geldbedrag van €20.000 beschikbaar voor de beste en creatiefste video. Meedoen kan tot 15 mei.

De oproep

We work closely with educators around Europe and recognise their need for more STEM (science/tech/engineering/math) content. This challenge aspires to combine the richness of digital cultural data with the power of modern, visual storytelling to create engaging learning experiences. We therefore invite videographers, vloggers, teachers and creative professionals interested in developing educational videos to apply before 15 May. A total amount of €20,000 is available to fund the best video projects that creatively reuse Europeana Collections’ openly licensed content to teach STEM topics.

We welcome applications from individuals or teams of creatives from across the world. Proposals must focus on video projects for secondary education that explore and present a STEM topic of transnational importance in an engaging way.

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