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Digital Engagement with Culture - een analyse van Audience Agency

In het Verenigd Koninkrijk zijn verschillende enquêtes uitgestuurd om de reactie van het publiek op digitale culturele content uit te meten. The Audience Agency heeft een analyse gemaakt van de beschikbare data uit deze enquêtes.

The Audience Agency has analysed data from Indigo’s Act Two survey to understand ‘regular and frequent’ audiences’ reactions to digital cultural content.

Among the key findings are:

  • That lockdown drove a large proportion of audience members (38%) to try digital content for the first time
  • That most of core audiences are potential consumers of digital content, even if they haven’t yet (86%)
  • That overall, online content was expected to be enjoyable, different but inferior to live events
  • That digital-first content is of particular interest to audiences, especially among those who aren’t the most frequent live attenders
  • There are substantial differences in engagement, interests and tastes by age, suggesting the need to differentiate digital offers.
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