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ILP Lab calls for regulatory action to save the online cultural heritage

ILP Lab heeft een beleidsbrief gepubliceerd waarin de belangrijkste punten worden besproken die meespelen bij het maken van wetgeving omtrent web harvesting bij cultureel erfgoedorganisaties.

Artikel is in het Engels:

The ILP Lab has published a policy paper discussing the most important issues that need to be taken into consideration when creating web harvesting legislation for cultural heritage institutions (CHIs). Background for this paper is the situation in the Netherlands, which as one of few countries has no legal provision enabling CHIs to engage in web harvesting for the purpose of collection building. The need for this type of regulation however has been expressed by several CHIs and has also been acknowledged in European and international policy documents. It is in the public interest that our digital history and heritage be collected and preserved for future generations, without infringing upon any individual intellectual property rights. Every day that no adequate legal tool for web harvesting exists, more and more of the online cultural heritage will be lost.


Lees het volledige bericht en de publicatie op de website van ILP LAB

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