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AI-algoritme kan verborgen verbanden tussen kunstwerken ontdekken

Het 'MosAIc'-systeem draait momenteel op de databases met kunstwerken van het Metropolitan Museum of Art en het Rijksmuseum en vindt daarin onverwachte parallellen in thema's, motieven en visuele stijl. Lees verder bij (Engelstalig).

When MIT CSAIL PhD student Mark Hamilton saw the "Rembrandt and Velazquez" exhibit in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum last year, he was surprised to see that some works of art that have no connection on paper, can look eerily similar in reality.

The show's curators had paired Francisco de Zurbarán's The Martyrdom of Saint Serapion, a 17th century Spanish religious painting, with Jan Asselijn's The Threatened Swan, a Dutch canvass from a similar age. While the artists never met each other during their lives, the two works show some clear visual resemblance. 

It got Hamilton thinking about the other hidden links that could be uncovered in the history of art. The researcher and his team, in partnership with Microsoft, have now unveiled a new algorithm that takes image retrieval technology a step further, to run through millions of paintings across thousands of years and find unexpected parallels in themes, motifs, and visual styles.

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