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Luisteren: Podcast 'Technoculture'

Federica zelf zegt hierover: 

"This podcast is not about my research work - nor about myself. It is about people, words, and ideas. I talk to guests with the most diverse backgrounds in the fields of research, technology, art, and science. I ask questions. Because I am curious and that’s what I do! I don't express my own opinions much; in this sense, the podcast episodes are more interviews than conversations. Each episode is about one hour long. You may not find all of the episodes equally interesting, considering the wide range of topics. But isn't that one of the great things about podcasts? You can stop, skip, or play again. There is no particular order to the episodes. I aim to complete about 30 interviews by early 2019. I hope you enjoy listening to Technoculture as much as I enjoyed producing it."

Je vindt de podcast op Apple Podcasts, Spotify en Youtube, en op de website van Federica.




Headerfoto: Federica Bressan, CC-BY-SA.

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