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Programma iPRES 2019 bekend

Van de website:

iPRES 2019 is excited to offer you the preliminary programme for the 16th International Conference on Digital Preservation. Our Programme Committee, lots of fantastic reviewers and a good many volunteers worked hard on shaping and drafting a GREAT programme for iPRES 2019. A very warm welcome to iPRES 2019 and to Amsterdam, The Netherlands!

More details will be added in the forthcoming months towards the conference. It may be possible that sessions change because of cancellations by presenters or other causes, but we do our best to keep the structure and the sessions as described in this programme.

The Conference Theme is Eye on the Horizon, aiming to broaden the voices and approaches participating in the conference, reflecting the venue and looking forward to the future. The future of digital collections but also the future of the iPRES community. This main theme is subdivided into five major themes:

  • Collaboration: a Necessity, an Opportunity or a Luxury?
  • Designing and Delivering Sustainable Digital Preservation
  • Exploring New Horizons
  • Building Capacity, Capability and Community
  • The Cutting Edge: Technical Infrastructure and Implementation


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