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Nieuwe Europese richtlijnen auteursrecht, belangrijk voor cultureel erfgoedinstellingen

The European Parliament passed the final compromise text of the Copyright in the Digital Market Directive. This brings an almost five-year-long process to modernise the EU copyright framework to a close. Together with other organisations representing cultural heritage, educational and research organisations, Europeana - on behalf of our Network members - has fought over the past five years to ensure that the package approved today includes measures that meaningfully address the challenges copyright poses for Europe's cultural heritage institutions.

The text does indeed contain significant improvements for cultural heritage institutions that will facilitate the (mass) digitisation of out of commerce works, enable institutions to text and data mine works in their collections and ensure that digital copies of public domain works will remain in the public domain. However, we also note that many organisations in our Network are concerned about other measures in the adopted text that will introduce an additional right for press publishers and put new obligations on online platforms that may limit the way users can communicate via these platforms.

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