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The Digital Facts

In 2008 DEN started the 'The Digital Facts' research project, in Dutch 'De Digitale Feiten'. In this project the digitization of Dutch heritage collections was reviewed in order to develop a methodology to measure the size, costs and use of digital heritage collections. The Digital Facts project provided the Dutch contribution to the EU projects Numeric and ENUMERATE.

Publications about The Digital Facts

Find below publications about this research project:

Born-digital collections

As a part of the digital facts project DEN performed an exploratory study in 2010 among forty selected heritage institutions to provide a practical contribution to the way in which born-digital collections are managed and maintained by heritage institutions. The exploratory study consisted of three parts: interviews, a number of focus groups and an online survey. A total of 29 heritage institutions participated in at least one of the aforementioned parts of the study. It must be stressed that this selection is not representative, but rather that the institutions are pioneers in the collecting and management of born-digital material.


Web statistics

In 2008 a dual survey of web statistics was conducted under the authority of DEN, also as a part of the digital facts project. Firstly a literature survey was carried out to obtain insight in the backgrounds, feasibilities and limitations of web statistics. Secondly a statement of affairs was drawn up on 112 cultural heritage institutions to ascertain to what extent these institutions dispose of web statistics, which software packages are used for that purpose, and which statistics are considered useful for mutual comparison. An interview was held with several of the institutions. Finally annual reports of heritage institutions were studied to ascertain to what extent they make reference to web statistics.


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