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DEN-Reports in English

DEN has published some of her research reports in English. Read more about these research projects and download the reports and other publications below. Writing Tools

The Digital Facts

In 2008 DEN started 'The Digital Facts' research project, in Dutch 'De Digitale Feiten'. In this project the digitization of Dutch heritage collections was reviewed in order to develop a methodology to measure the size, costs and use of digital heritage collections. The Digital Facts project provided the Dutch contribution to the EU projects Numeric and ENUMERATE. As a part of the digital facts project DEN performed an exploratory study in 2010 into born-digital heritage collections.
⇒ Read more about this project and download the related reports and publications.

Business Model Innovation for Cultural Heritage (BMICE)

In 2009 Knowledgeland (Kennisland) and DEN did a research project into Business Model Innovation for Cultural Heritage. Over 100 Dutch professionals from inside and outside the cultural heritage sector took part in discussions organised during the project.
⇒ Read more about this project and download the related publications.

Quality assurance in digitisation of Cultural Heritage in Europe

In 2007 DEN commissioned a research project to map current activities for the quality assurance of digitisation in cultural heritage in several European Union Member States. All investigated countries acknowledge the importance of the issue of quality assurance although the level in which it is followed up with action still differs.
⇒ Download the full report (pdf).

Cost model Digitisation Projects

DEN has made a tool available that provides insight in the costs of all aspects of a digitisation project. The cost model is based on the cost model that has been developed in the scope of the EU funded IMPACT project, which aimes at improving the results of Optical Character Recognition. The cost model of IMPACT has been adapted to make it useful for digital projects in general. This Excel based tool is available in English: Cost model digitisation projects.

Other English publications


English reports in the context of European projects

DEN is a partner in several European projects and contributes in that role to various research reports and deliverables. Find these reports on the websites of the European projects DEN is involved in:

More information about DEN's international activities: 

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Ottar A.B Anderson - woensdag 10 januari 2018 om 12:09
Dear Sir/Madam
We would like to download the report regarding Quality assurance in digitisation of Cultural Heritage in Europe but the link will not work.
Look forward to hear from you regarding this issue. Best regards
DEN - woensdag 10 januari 2018 om 14:21
Dear Ottar, thank you for bringing the broken links to our attention. We have fixed the links and the report should be available again. Kind regards