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Oproep: call for papers CIPA symposium Ottowa

25 november 2016

Van 28 augustus tot 1 september vindt in Ottowa het CIPA symposium plaats. Er is een call for papers, indienen kan tot 1 februari 2017.

Van de website:

"We are pleased to invite you to participate in CIPA2017, the 26th biennial symposium, being held from August 28 to September 1, 2017, in Ottawa, Canada.  CIPA2017 will focus on Digital Workflows for Conservation.
The rapid rise in new digital technologies has revolutionized the practice of recording heritage places.  Digital tools and media offer a myriad of new opportunities for collecting, analyzing and disseminating information about heritage sites.  With new opportunities, there are also conflicts, and an intense effort to incorporate digital media into the education of conservation professionals.  Issues regarding the proper, innovative and research-focused uses of digital media in heritage conservation are urgent topics in the global heritage conservation field, and CIPA and its partners have played a leading role in this area of cross-disciplinary research and practice.   The symposium will offer a unique opportunity for educators, professionals, heritage institutions, and managers of heritage places to share, exchange, and explore new approaches, best practices, and research results in the area of these workflows.
Contributions in the form of papers and posters are invited for the following forums:
The symposium will provide a platform for professionals, site managers and researchers to showcase their work and obtain feedback from knowledgeable symposium attendees.
The targeted audience consists of professionals involved in heritage conservation practice (architects, engineers, landscape architects, archaeologists, conservators, and ), as well as, researchers, educators, historians, archivists, librarians, museologist and students. Oral presentations will be limited to 20 minutes each and will address the Why, When, Where, What and How (in that order of importance) of digital workflows. Papers can address the conservation of any aspect of the entire spectrum of the built environment.
Speaker’s and poster contributions should clearly provide:
  1. Why: the need(s) or issue(s) being addressed;
  2. Where or Context: the site or application background;
  3. What: the type of heritage resource being documented (eg. a historic building, an archaeological site, an artifact, etc);
  4. When: to which step in the heritage conservation process has the digital workflow been applied (eg. analysis, diagnosis, dissemination, therapy or control);
  5. How: the digital workflow that has been applied to address the “Why”;
  6. Effectiveness: the results and assessment of the approach; and Lessons learned.
A paper template and example will be provided.
Important dates:
Meer informatie:
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