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Call for Participation: Talk of Europe Creative Camp #2

12 januari 2015

Van 23 tot en met 27 maart 2015 vindt in Amsterdam het tweede Talk of Europe Creative Camp plaats. De programmacommissie roept op tot het inzenden van proposals.

'For our second creative camp we invite teams to submit proposals that are driven by Humanities a/o Social Science research questions and that can 1) be addressed by the European Parliament proceedings, exploiting web and natural language processing techniques and 2) can possibly add new knowledge and functionality to the dataset. The goal is to develop proof-of-concept tools and/or datasets that can be applied in scholarly research in the social sciences and humanities, or that provide insights into the EP to European citizens. Researchers who have an idea for a proposal but no contact with developers or vice versa, can contact the organisers who will try to match participants where possible.
We will select proposals that aim to use and/or enrich the proceedings of the European Parliament to address a research question. Underlying example questions are clarified by a possible technique or enrichment. Relevant topics and techniques include but are not limited to:
- What kind of topics are discussed in the European Parliament? The only topic information given for a debate is the title. It would be interesting to annotate debates with theme keywords, deploying automated topic detection, or classify the debates in an existing taxonomy.
- How do Members of the European Parliament vote? Enriching the proceedings with data on the voting behaviour of individual members of the EP. This information might need to be extracted from the EU website.
- To what extent do Members of the European Parliament use and refer to official reports during the debates?
- Enriching the dataset with the official reports, which are available on the EU website (in HTML) and/or detecting references to reports in debate texts and titles and creating links.
- To what extent do members of the European Parliament deliberate on topics that are being discussed in their party programs? Establishing links from debates to party programs of the parties that participate in the European Parliament
- How are debates covered in the media? Discovering links between debates and media coverage (newspaper, radio, magazine or television) of the topics discussed in parliament
- How are debates discussed on social media? Discovering links to social media in which the topics under debate are being addressed
- Is there a relation between debates in national parliaments and the European Parliament? Creating links to proceedings of National Parliaments.'

Belangrijke data
Submissions due: 30 January 2015.
Acceptance notification: 6 February 2015.
Camp: 23-27 March 2015 (5 days).

Meer informatie
Bekijk het Talk of Europe Creative Camp in de agenda.
Lees de volledige toelichting bij de Call for Participation op de Talk of Europe website.
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