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Call for proposals: DIVERSE Conference 2012

7 februari 2012

Van 3 t/m 6 juli 2012 vindt de 12e DIVERSE Conference plaats in Leuven (BE). De programmacommissie roept op tot het insturen van proposals. Deze moeten uiterlijk 15 maart 2012 zijn ingediend.

Uit de oproep:
"The DIVERSE Conference is an annual gathering of academics, teachers, technologists and students that engages participants in an ongoing dialogue on the effective uses of visual media in education. The event includes a large number of presentations, discussions and workshops on a range of topics related to the conference themes.
Call for Papers
The Call for Papers is now open. We kindly invite you to submit papers about projects, ideas, experiences or research results related to one of the following conference topics.
  1. Engaging Learning Materials
    How to make video a more engaging learning object: How and why are you working on the enrichment of video content? Are you working on the creation of open content? What are your experiences with the use of video in e-books? Which combinations of content work and which do not?
  2. Innovative Learning Spaces
    Visual resources and the future of education and research. Where does media fit in the future classroom? Will we see a convergence between the online learning space and the on-campus location in the future? How will upcoming technologies (mobile, virtual, community support, html5, etc.) change educational practice?
  3. Access and Digital Ability
    How can visual media support or help people with special needs? Which choices are helpful, which create a challenge? What is your experience with closed captioning, audio description, subtitles, etc. in relation to digital video (such as lecture capturing)?
  4. Blended Learning
    This track looks at practices and examples of blended learning initiatives, which can demonstrate the balancing act between physical classroom experiences and online learning experiences.
At its simplest, blended learning environments are a thoughtful alignment of physical classroom learning experiences with online learning experiences. On one end this alignment can be the integration of audiovisual materials to foster an extensive understanding of a particular concept related to the learning context. On the other end the alignment of physical classroom learning experiences with online learning experiences can be the implementation of streaming audiovisual content (for example web lectures) to replace one of the learning experiences. There is a considerable intuitive appeal to this approach and to the concept of integrating the strengths of real-life and virtual learning activities.
  5. Projects & Cases
    Interesting projects or experiments that think about other issues related to the use of visual media in education. This topic bundles all experiences or ideas you have and want to share with the DIVERSE community.
All paper proposals must be submitted via the online submission form (which will be available by January 15th, 2012) on the Diverse 2012 website:
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