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Belonging & Becoming: Culture, Heritage and our Future

Van 15 tot en met 17 november vindt in Rome de jaarlijks terugkerende Beyond the Obvious-conferentie plaats. Deze conferentie wordt georganiseerd door Culture Action Europe en heeft dit jaar als thema 'Belonging & Becoming: Culture, Heritage and our Future'.

De conferentie wil een ontmoetingsplek zijn voor iedereen die te maken heeft met cultuur en cultureel erfgoed. Daarnaast wordt er tijdens dit evenement alvast stilgestaan bij de lancering het Europese Jaar van Cultureel Erfgoed in december.

Uit de aankondiging:

"While culture is a cohesive force, cultural divides are constructed to satisfy simplified political rhetoric. How can we, as artists and cultural operators, engaged citizens and policy makers, rationalists and visionaries, develop an inclusive belonging? What is the impact of civic participation on social cohesion? How can we on all levels - local, national and European - create an understanding of belonging based on diversity and inclusion?

Our cultural heritage - both tangible and intangible - links us in Europe. The memories of our joint heritage, which we transmit from one generation to the next, shape many facets of our identities. Yet what impact do these narratives have on European cultural and political identity, on inclusion and openness?

Contemporary artistic creation can be a driving force to develop new narratives, new images for possible futures. A strong cultural Europe needs informed and involved citizens and calls for social innovation and inspiring political models. This informed engagement is rooted in education in the large sense of the term, allowing for the development of creativity and curiosity, and reaching out to people of all ages in an evolving society. Such an active ‘becoming’ must be co-created by all citizens, and take the global context into account.

This Beyond the Obvious conference reviews the dynamics sketched and offers a concrete arena for productive interaction between artists, cultural operators, policy makers and political visionaries, economic and social stakeholders. It also celebrates the launch of the European Year for Cultural Heritage 2018. The conference will highlight policy issues at stake, developing a present and future of culture in Europe."

Waar en wanneer:
  • Rome, Palazzo delle Esposizioni
  • 15 t/m 17 november

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