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CATCH-meeting Patterns in Narrative Texts

Op vrijdag 13 december 2013 organiseert het project FACT de volgende CATCH-bijeenkomst over Patterns in Narrative Texts. De bijeenkomst vindt plaats bij het Meertens Instituut te Amsterdam.

"Many collections of Cultural Heritage Institutions consist mainly of historical and contemporary texts. To extract information from such large corpora, various text processing techniques are available. A special challenge is formed by the large subset of textual data that take on a narrative form. What distinguishes such narrative texts from factual reports is that they are typically multi-layered, and studying these layers can tell us much about the author's mentality and beliefs, as well as other important cultural and historical information. To explore narrative corpora and disclose the deeper information they contain, new text mining methods must be developed.
The afternoon will revolve around big data of language, narratives, and folklore, with a focus on finding significant patterns, themes and motifs within these data. The data that will be discussed range from narrative journalistic texts to orally transmitted folktales. In the study of history, diachronic corpora can be mined to discover how historical events are reflected in language use. In folk narrative research, patterns of interest include the stability and variability of 'narrative building blocks' (motifs, memes) in oral transmission, and geographical dispersion of folk beliefs in the supernatural. Establishing links between narrative texts is a common factor in all this research."
Keynote speakers
Mike Kestemont, University of Antwerpen (
Tim Tangherlini, University of California (
For the abstracts please see: ABSTRACS (Mike Kestemont and Tim Tangherlini)

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