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Workshop: Museums in the European Digital Library: A call to action

Op dinsdag 10 juli wordt tijdens de EVA-conferentie in Londen een speciale workshop gehouden om de rol van musea in de European Digital Library te helpen bepalen.

The European Digital Library aims at making Europe's cultural and scientific heritage easier and more interesting to use online. It builds on Europe's rich heritage, combining multicultural and multilingual environments with technological advances and new business models to achieve a multilingual access point to cultural collections from all Member States. By 2010 the European digital library will expand to include collections from archives, museums, libraries, and possibly publishers.

This free workshop is a call to action for museums across Europe, from the largest national museums to the smallest local museum. Museums are an essential part of the European Digital Library, and this workshop will present some of the latest developments at both political and technical levels,including:

  • the outcomes of the first meeting of the Member State Experts Group. This has been established by the European Commission to ensure collaboration between Member States and the European Commission in the development of the European digital library
  • the recommendations of the Interoperability Group
  • the latest news about the creation of a cross-domain foundation for the European digital library

The creation of the European digital library is being supported by the eContentplus programme, with approximately €20m allocated in 2007. The programme will aim to achieve interoperability between national digital collections and services (e.g. through common standards) and ensure that these will be accessible through the multilingual European digital library service.

Organisers: David Dawson, Senior Policy Advisor (Digital Futures), Museums, Libraries and Archives Council & Jill Cousins, The European Library.

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